Thursday, February 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Jenn Balcer!!

So.. why in my head did I want to add balls at the end of that title? LOL. Jenn... This girl takes the brunt of a lot of frustration from a lot of people, and over the last few days, she took the brunt of my pain. I'm sorry for that Jenn. Thanks for the encouragement to do what's best for me. Thanks for being there always and for being such an awesome friend. Thanks for always hanging tight baby.

You BETTER eat some chocolate today girl.... it's your birthday and it's a rule! :) I hope you find some time today for YOU and that your day is full of LOVE. :)

I love ya babe,


Sharon said...

Cami Baby is Bloggin' - LOVE THAT!! You go you Pinkalicious Babe!!! said...

Dude. Thanks for making me CRY!!!
Love you, girl. Seriously I do!! Thanks for the chat this morning. I love hearing you LAUGH!

Beth said...

You mean you wanted to say "HOLY BALCER BALLS - It's YOUR BIRTHDAY JENN!"

THere - said it for you {wink!}

asela said...

Whewwwwwwww whoooooooooo! I just found your blog...I'm so excited! Love it...thanks for sharing with all of us

Denise said...

So glad I found your blog!I've admired your creations over at SCS - thanks so much for sharing with us (and enjoy the blogging journey!).

Debby said...

Nobody blogs it like you baby! More please! Love ya darlin'