Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Lucky Purple Pole

Oh yah baby... the purple pole was indeed a hit!! She caught more fish than anyone! She just kept reeling them in. I think fish like purple.....I'm not kidding. I even caught a nice bass with her pole.

Standing behind her, is her cousin Emily, who is two months older. They had so much fun swimming and playing. I wish they didn't live so far away and we could get the girls together more often. Those are Daddy's hands, because Mom doesn't do the worms or take the fish off. Jayce and Baylor love doing that part when we fish together. Thank goodness for my twins.

Here she is smiling a little more..... she didn't want to touch the fish either... who can blame her. They make your hands stink. LOL. She was totally thrilled when she kept pulling them in. She now loves her fishing pole.

Thanks for all the nice birthday wishes for A. She had a great 5th birthday.

Just one more photo to share (I took a ton). It was also my husband's birthday. We celebrated his on Friday. He wasn't really four, but 44 (guess who forgot candles?). A "helped" him blow them out. Steve hates celebrating his birthday, not because he's old, but because he doesn't like the attention. I can say he's old, because I am much younger than him! (wink).

It was a great weekend, but I'm beat and trying to catch up on all the laundry and get ready for more company this weekend. My cousin is getting married and she is having her reception at the lake. This time, it's the other side of my family. I look forward to seeing everyone.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are all having a great week! I hope to get some samples and some blog candy posted soon. :)


beate said...

Wohooo for you an A. Catching fish and all. And congrats to Steve for his birthday.
Rick is the same way. Doesn't care to celebrate his birthday. What's up with those men?
Looks like you had a wonderful weekend at the lake!
Can't wait for October!!!! I am giddy! Hugs, grins, jumping up and down, screaming kind of giddy!!!!
Love ya! Get to meet ya!!! LOL

Juanita said...

Birthday congrats to your DH also.
The photos are wonderful!! TFS.

PS: I noticed in the picture of Averie opeing parts of her fishing gear she is using her left hand. In the photo of her fishing she crosses her left had over the pole to reel it in. I think that's so amazing...I'm a lefty also. Do they may a rell for lefties??

Anonymous said...

from Kathi:

Hey, I know (and love) that lake! :)

Adorable!!!! DH=44? No way!

Jan Hunnicutt said...

What a nice weekend, I noticed people at the lake wearing long sleeves, it got brrr?

I'm in Arizona and live on the Colorado River it's not brrr, here! Just checked my desktop 104 at the moment, I'm ready for fall too!

Janet Keyes said...

Free is always good. Since I am way over my budget for stamping products. Take that back, the budget got thrown out the window. I love your website, all the cool suggestions and of course the cards you do. Your the best I am looking forward to seeing you again in the summer.