Sunday, October 14, 2007

Portland Baby!!

Wow..... I can't even put into words how much fun I had in Portland this weekend hanging out with friends. Saying that I feel blessed to have these amazing women in my life doesn't even cover it. I was asked and was honored to present a workshop wow for Stampin'Up! Regionals in Portland. Okay... so nervous doesn't even cover that. LOL. I was BEYOND nervous. What can I say.... I get by with a little help from my friends. I couldn't see a thing on stage, but I could hear my friends...... they even held up pink letters that spelled out CAMILICIOUS..... LOL. I had fans.... snort! They truly made me feel like a rock star..... it was my five minutes of fame and it was SCARY!

Jess (newtnewt on SCS) and Lisa (onestampinmama on SCS) spent hours hauling all of us around to and from the airport and all over Portland. From the minute I saw all of them at the airport, until the minute we had to say goodbye, I felt the love and friendship we all share. It's amazing... for lack of of a bigger, more bomalicious word.

I love Stampin'Up! and I love my fellow demonstrators. I want to say a big... no, HUGE thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello to me, and for the nice pats on the back about my presentation (even though it was SO obvious that I was terrified). If you ever have the chance to make it to a SU! event, it will be a guaranteed, positive, loving, just THE best time ever!! Shelli and her straff are just AWESBOMB! I just wanted to hug them all!!

There are tons more photos on SCS if you want to see the display boards and awesome projects that were presented. OMG... I got to finally meet Beate, Lori Craig and Sharon!! That was pretty darn exciting!

I could ramble all day, but it's back to real life. Nothing like a weekend with the girls and Stampin'Up!..... not much can top that baby! Well.... the hugs from my family in the airport when I arrived home were maybe just a bit above that!!

Thanks for making me feel like a bomb girls......

Beverly, Sharon, Leslie, Lisa, Leanne, Mounds (Joy), Emily (front Row)
Beate, Jami, Jess, Lori, Me, Jenn (Back Row)

Have a super day!!!

Happy Birthday Leslie Miller
If you have a chance, swing by and wish her a bombalicious day, would ya?


Krystie Lee said...

Your presentation was great!!! It was so exciting to get to meet you!

mj albright said...

Oh, sounds just so fun -- To be around such talented stampers (at one event) who share the same desire and interest...that's priceless.
Congrats on doing a Workshop Wow:)

Stamping Moments said...

Glad your demo went well Cammie, jenny x

Jessica said...

You rocked it up there on Friday. I had such a good time this weekend. I miss you already. I can't wait until I can come south. Love ya Bork!

Anonymous said...

I thought you did a great job on Friday. Your nervousness didn't come across to me at all. Thank you for sharing with us. jackie/bichonlover

Leslie Miller said...

Tee hee! I was wondering where all these birthday wishes were coming from...the SUPERSTAR, herself! Thanks, Cami! We sure had a good time!

Marcy said...

hey I was in Portland too!! It was a Blast!!

PS love your blog.

Rose Ann said...

What a great time for you all!! Too much talent all in one place...I'd say. *wink* Thanks for sharing!!

Tex said...

Sweet Cambria .. YOU are the bombalicious one! How sweet it was to have my tickets in hand ever since August .. and then be privvy to watching your SU WOW demonstration right there in person! Way to go!! Yes ... it was a sweet, sweet visit to Portland!


beate said...

Cami, I finally me YOU!!!! I had a wonderful, bombastic time!
Big hugs!!!

beate said...

Oh...I forgot to say that your presentation was freaking phenomenal! You were soooo funny (in a good way, making jokes ....)
Your project was so stinking cute!!!

Jami said...



You are the BOMB!!!!

Hey just put more pics on my blog. I refrained from putting up the one of us in our pink PJs. hehehehehehehehe

Laura Roth said...

Your presentation was great! I wish I had come over and introduced myself...but it was my first SU Event (so much to see/learn/do) and the day just flew by!!!! I'd love to see a picture of your "barf bag" and how you decorated it :)