Monday, July 6, 2009

New Copics Colors Available NOW!

Just thought I'd share a bit of news with you:

TODAY! You can get the new Copic Marker colors today from eP! Look at those beautiful colors! Oh, I NEED them!! (Mine are on the way) I'm so excited I can't stand it!!

Click here! Get yours before they are on back order!!

eclectic Paperie is THE PLACE to order these red hot markers. We received a special shipment and are making all 12 new colors available now. Once they are gone, we won't get any back in until September. We've heard that other stores won't have them until end of July.

eclectic Paperie is one of the first stores to have received the 12 new Copic Colors, and they are available for purchase today-shipping this week to you. We have complete sets and all 12 colors are also available individually.

Whooo Hoooo!! NEW COPIC COLORS!!! What are you waiting for! GO!! :)

Copic has come out with 12 new colors. These colors are only available in the Sketch style markers. This brings the new total number of Copic Sketch colors available to a whopping 334 colors!

This new set has colors that are very light, pale, yet perfect for a light blending and/or shading around your stamped images. The new colors are:
  • COPIC Sketch YG0000 Lily White
  • COPIC Sketch G0000 Crystal Opal
  • COPIC Sketch BG0000 Snow Green
  • COPIC Sketch B0000 Pale Celestine
  • COPIC Sketch C00 Cool Gray 00
  • COPIC Sketch W00 Warm Gray 00
  • COPIC Sketch BV0000 Pale Thistle
  • COPIC Sketch V0000 Rose Quartz
  • COPIC Sketch RV0000 Evening Primrose
  • COPIC Sketch R0000 Pink Beryl
  • COPIC Sketch YR0000 Pale Chiffon
  • COPIC Sketch Y0000 Yellow Fluorite
Are you still here? GO.... hurry! I've got new Copics on the way baby!!

Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by! (I'll be stalking my mailman this week!) Whooo Hoooo... I can't wait!!


Kisa Peters said...

WHAT??!!! EP has them? No way...dang it.....I'm soooooo in debt for that camera it isn't funny! I wonder if he'd notice the extra purchase! LOL! Fab colors! I think I'll be taking some cans back today! I can hardly get out the garage door without falling on them.....I bet it would be JUST enough for the markers!!
What a girl will do for markers......and a new camera! LOL!

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

Oh I so wish I could afford these! I love the soft colors.

Anonymous said...

Ordered mine early this morning!! I can't wait to get them!!

Kelly Booth said...

I got mine coming...CAN'T WAIT!!!

Alicia said...

Yeah! Got my markers today! Thanks Cami for the hook-up. :)I can't wait to use them.

Nicole said...

I already got mine in from eP!! I bought them on Monday when they released and had them in my pretty little hands on FRIDAY!!!


Nicole xox

Anonymous said...

lol..Thanks..I just ordered the whole set of copics....mwah