Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July... I Survived.

I don't have any photos of cards, scrap pages or projects, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorite photos from the holiday. This is typical of how we spend almost every weekend during the summer. The kids love it, we come home exhausted and sunburned. I spend the week catching up, then we do it again. LOL. Actually, we take a small break the rest of July, then spend the entire month of August making potato salad and tubing at the lake. The fun part is that these friends and family have been coming since I was a kid, so it's cool to look back and see how everyone has grown. Above is one of my twins Baylor (left), my oldest Sheldon (center), and our family friend's son Brad (right).

This is how it starts. Someone always takes turns being on the right. Usually Baylor (or the smallest, or most scared to get knocked off) is in the middle. This time it's Sheldon on the right, Baylor in the middle and our fourth son Dirk (He's been Sheldon's best friend since Kindergarten and comes with us every summer) on the left. They hang on for dear life, with huge smiles on their faces.

Until there are two.....Then Averie holds up a big flag while we circle back to pick up the one who flew off. They usually take score of how many times the person on the right has flown off... once they are satisfied that they have flown off their number of turns, or they are just too tired to hang on anymore, then switch, and we do it again.

Averie is a really good flag girl. I yell at my husband to let him know one is in the water... we are a good team. Averie likes to tube too, but she doesn't like to go very fast and for sure likes to stay on the tube.

This is them at the end... hands are sore and they are hungry. By now they have switched sides at least twice and have each been thrown off three to four times.

These are my tubers. They were so sore today.

Jayce and his friend tube, but not all day long like these guys. They do spend most of the day in the water either swimming or in the paddle boat though.

Here's my favorite photo from the weekend of my other twin Jayce. I hardly have any photos of the boys dry.

We were all so happy to finally have some warm weather on the OR coast.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

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Lori Barnett said...

Those are AWESOME pics Cami!!! We used to do that same stuff when I was a kid...but they didn't have those fancy tubes to ride on...just black inner tubes that we lay on our stomach and hold on for LIFE! ha ha ha. I loved looking at all these pics an reading the post :) They looked like they had a blast!! Where are the pics of YOU on there??! ha ha ha

happiness blooms said...

Oh what FUN! Cami, I love seeing pics of your family all smiles and happiness!!!

Courtney said...

I want to come and go boating! It looks like so much fun! Where do you guys go? My mom is thinking about coming over here in August. We will let you know for sure when she is going to be here!

Sumtoy said...

You didnt make my potato salad :(
Give all the kids a big hug from Auntie....Love ya babe!!!

DeeDee said...

WOW, love your pics are an awesome photographer!!! GREAT looking kiddos....looks like they had a blast!!!

Heather McNally said...

What a FUN TIME you all had!!!!! Wish I had been there with ya! :)

Bevie Pearl said...

OMG......I remember tubing..Your kids pictures remind me of last year at the Lake.......I love you and I love these pictures.