Sunday, April 29, 2007

Palette Prints Designer Clippies

I made these up real quick to take to my grandma at the hospital along with some others I had previously made. She LOVES these bookmarks, so I thought she would enjoy a few to hand out to her nurses and staff at Sacred Heart. It was a long weekend, but happy I got to see her and that she is doing SO much better. I hope we can bring her home by next weekend.

Thanks SO much to those of you who sent cards. I took the ones I had up to her and she was THRILLED. Totally made her day. Thank you, thank you!! If anyone else wants to send her a RAK, just shoot me an email and I'll send you her address.

These are the new flower dies used with the Cuttlebug. I got them from They do take more time to make, but they are worth it. The paper is the new Palette Prints from Stampin'Up available May 1st. LOVE them!! Double sided... just YUMMY. Ribbon is Cindy Ribbon (starlitstudios), thanks Beate!! :)

Okay..... can you tell I'm just beat tired? I feel like I'm slurring... can you slur when you type? LOL. Jayce is done with his antibiotics and his sore throat is back, so tomorrow it's back to the Dr.... thanks goodness he didn't go with us this trip to see Grandma. Hope you all had a great weekend! Thanks for peeking in. :)

©Stampin'Up! 1990-2007

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Big, Crabby, 40 baby!!

I hate being so far from my grandma

I made this one to fit in those envelopes that I got from Target, so I tried to bring in a little green to the scene. The card base is gable green. There is one small layer of basic black and real red under the main image, which is on shimmery white SU! card stock. All the coloring is done with my aquapainter and ink pools in the lids of my classic pads. Images are stamped with Timber Brown Stazon. I started by stippling cool caribbean and creamy caramel on the shimmery and went from there by adding the rest.

I want to thank you all again from the bottom of my heart for the support you've given me!! And, a BIG extra thank you to all of you who are sending cards my grandma's way. I know she will treasure each one!!

Hope you have a super day, and thanks for visiting!!

and each time the phone rings, I get a little nervous. Thankfully, things seem to be going well, even though yesterday she had to spend one more night in ICU. I can't complain too much, since most of my cousins are much further away. Thank goodness for email and cell phones!! Anyway, one of my cousin's turned the big 40 the day after my grandma had surgery. I had this card half made for him before I left. It was relaxing to sit and color and it helps get my mind off things. I am such a worry wort. He is flying out today from MN and I'm sure it will make my grandma's day to have him there when she gets out of ICU. He also grew up here on the OR coast and also grew up crabbing and fishing. I thought he'd especially like the little crab scene. :) I can't rib him too much about turning 40, since it's right around the corner for me. LOL I hope this card brings him a big ole smile... even though he is THE BIG 40 now!©Stampin'Up! 1990-2007

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Update on Grandma

Grandma is doing well and will be out of ICU today! They had to put in a mechanical valve instead of the pig's valve because her artery was too small, but the surgery went well and she is recovering well. Yesterday they had her up and sitting in a chair for a short while and she ate Jello.

I have to tell you that my Grandma truly is my hero. She had the entire staff laughing and smiling right up until surgery. I don't believe I've EVER heard her complain. After surgery, it was HARD to see her in so much pain. The only thing she said is "it hurts SO much". I thought my heart would just fall out. You'd be proud though. I kept those big girl panties on and didn't cry until AFTER I was out of the room. I had to come home, but later in the day my Mom said she was again, having fun with the staff and just doing as well as could be expected. I'm AMAZED with what they do these days in the medical field, and SO thankful that I will have my grandma for many more years!!

Thank you SO much for all the emails, phone calls, thoughts and prayers. I appreciate it SOOOOO much.

If you'd like to send my Grandma a RAK, she would LOVE it. Send me an email at and I'll give you her address. It sure would make her day to get some well wishes in the mail. We are hoping to get her home sometime next week.

Oh, lots to catch up on today, but hopefully some stampin time tonight!!
Thanks everyone!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Blog Candy Winner!!

Thanks so much to everyone!! Please see this post... sorry to have to pick a little earlier than expected. Kathy W... please send me your mailing information!!! I can't believe the random picker picked a fellow Oregonian!! You can email me at Congratulations!!!

Kathy W said...

I like neutrals for hallways, but I love eggshell blue (just the slightest hint of blue) for a living room, dining room, etc. It brings out any blue that you put on the walls (we have a lot since it is my favorite color!) By the way, I first tuned into your blog because you're in Oregon (yeah!) but you're on my daily favorites for your fresh and fun ideas. I just love seeing your creativity and appreciate the work you do keeping up a blog so that you can share with us. Thank you!!!

April 20, 2007 9:04 AM

I'll check in when I get back, and I'll mail your candy off Wednesday!
Thanks again to everyone who left a comment and for visiting my blog!!!!

Blog Candy Update!

I have to do the random picker thing a little early girls, so if you haven't left a comment, please do. I will be drawing in a few hours.

I have to drive two hours out of town to Sacred Heart hospital where my grandmother is going to have open heart surgery to replace a bad valve. This comes a little earlier than expected after she passed out in the hotel elevator the morning after her angiogram (spelling?). Her other arteries are good, it's just that valve... so, instead of coming home for a couple weeks, they are keeping her and taking her in Monday morning. I am SCARED to death. I've packed my big girl panties and I'm off to be with her soon. If you can, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. My grandma is DA bomb of all bombs!! Almost 87, but you'd never know it.

I will pick right before I leave and if the winner emails me her address, I will get the candy off in the mail first thing when I get back... probably Wednesday. Sorry for the delay. I will add something extra to the box.

THANK YOU so much!! I loved reading each and every one. We did paint our living room a mocha color and I think we will go a few shades lighter for the hallways. I am thinking we will do the family room a shade of green, like so many of you suggested. Where do you all get the Ralph Lauren paint? I'm from a small town and do not have Home Depot, or any major stores, but I can drive two hours and get that stuff. I'd love to check out that paint. :) You all gave me great advice, now I think I can go and pick a color with confidence!! THANK YOU!!!

Okay.... I'll be back later to do the drawing! Good luck ladies!!! :)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Want to be on a Stampin'Up! Research Panel?

Stampin’ Up! is currently looking for 450 stampers who are willing to participate on a market research panel on stamping and crafts. Stampin’ Up! mails panelists a free goodie box every three months in exchange for their opinions. Stampin'Up! demonstrators are NOT eligible... sorry girls.

If you would be interested in applying to be on this panel, you can sign up at

Below is more information about the panel.

More information:
--Stampin’ Up! uses your feedback for research only and does not share your answers or personal information with anyone else.
--Panel members can expect to serve on the panel for three to nine months.
--There is no cost for you to join.
--Your only duty as a panel member is to answer a short survey every one or two weeks.
--You will never be asked to purchase anything to participate in the panel.
--Daily operation of the panel is managed by Volt Marketing, an independent research agency.
--You can quit the panel at any time.
--We are looking for 450 panel members. You will be selected to join if your background matches our research needs.

We are now accepting a limited number of new panelists. You can apply for a panel position by visiting

GO... apply now!!! Who wouldn't want FREE Stampin'Up! goodies to play with!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Okay.... so like, three months ago, I didn't even know what the heck blog candy was! I thought it was just pretty cards that people shared. My two B friends.... that's Bev and Beate, have been telling that I NEED to give blog candy. You know Beate is DA BOMB of the candy and the whole thing just kind freaks me out because I'm always scared no one will want whatever it is I find to give as "candy". BUT.... as I was looking through my drawers and trying to find things that weren't sent to me by my loving friends who take pity on me being craft store deprived, (because that stuff is MINE and special and never to be given away.. or maybe even ever used because it's just "special".... that is my excuse for hoarding.. just go with it), I found a 7 Gypsies bracelet that I bought from Starlitstudios, some ribbon I got from (I think) Jo-Anns, some pearly brads from Oriental Trading Co., some jeweled brads from my trip to Target in WI, some sparkly PINK chipboard shapes also from my visit to WI (that was my first trip to Archivers!!), some scrapbook charms and page pebble stickers!! Whew.... Now, I KNOW you'll at least want the bracelet because it's WAY cool. All you need is a 5/8 inch circle punch and you can put designer paper, photos, whatever you want in the bracelet. I have two and I LOVE them.

Now, I am not knowledgeable about hits and points and clicks or whatever it is, but I know that WAY more people have come to visit than I ever thought would want to visit. I know that you all make my days with your nice comments and emails and it's time for me to say thank you!! So, how about even if you don't want the candy, you pretend. LOL. Deal? And, just know I appreciate each comment and email greatly. I feel like my daughter when she gets a bag of hand me downs from her cousins.... she goes around all day saying "I'm SO lucky". Well, I feel SO lucky to have so many great friends and stampers who visit, comment, or just come to peek in. THANK YOU!!!

Now.. for the question. I'm such a dork.... we are painting the house. Well, I should say, my husband is painting the house. I am THE worst at picking those colors from those little chips. We got the living room done, and believe it or not, I think I'm going to like it. But... I (as in pick the paint) need to do the family room. So.. here is the question. What is your favorite color of interior paint for your living room, family room and hallways? Just leave me a comment and you'll have a chance to win. HA! I know.. not even stamp related. Told ya I am a dork. :)

I'll do the random picker thing on Sunday night and announce the winner on Monday, April 23rd. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Cards For Shane

I got this email yesterday... How cool to send this little boy some birthday cards.. come on girls!! Let's make Shane's birthday special!!! Stamp up a little love and send it his way!!! WE can make a difference in this little boy's life!! See more about Shane's story here (thanks Sue!).

Recently, one of our retailers contacted us about 7-year-old Shane. Shane has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and is currently at the Children’s Hospital in Ontario, where he’ll undergo chemotherapy until June. When the Make-a-Wish Foundation asked Shane what his special wish would be, he wished to be in the Guinness Book of World Records for getting the most birthday cards. He'll turn 8 years old on May 30th, and he needs to get over one million cards!

Want to help? Send a birthday card (or two) to Shane by May 30th at the address below. Please help if you can–I imagine this is a pretty big deal for a kid who’s gone through much more than anyone should ever have to.

Send birthday cards to:

CTV Television
Cards for Shane Bernier
1500 Merivale Rd
Ottawa, Ontario
K2E 6Z5

Or directly to Shane:

Shane Bernier
P.O. Box 484
Lancaster, Ontario
K0C 1N0

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Big Blooms Long Cards

It all started with the envelopes...... I live two hours from a Target, so I don't get to shop there often. One of the times, I got to actually browse, I found these long, green, CUTE #10 envelopes. The flap has stripes similar to the striped paper in the retired Sassy DS paper from Stampin'Up! Of course, I reached for my stash of Sassy paper to make a card. I owe SO many thank you cards... I'm always behind!! I have to admit though, these long cards were a struggle for me. I'm so used to the standard size. Big Blooms was perfect because the flower are, well, .. BIG. :)

I used Big Blooms from the Stampin'Up! Spring Mini, and my Kindness Jumbo Roller Wheel (with Craft White). The rest is the paper punched out with both circle punches. Flowers are on dimensionals. Gingham ribbon too, and of course a little glitter sparkle in the flower centers with my Sakura glitter pen... man, I love that pen!!

I had all the stuff out, so I decided to play a little and do another one. This one shows a little more of the green that matches the envelope a bit better.

Okay... very busy day here at the Turnbow house. Dropped off our dear boy dog named Abby for a hair cut and bath, ran A to pre-school. I've now spent all my free time for the day here with you all. I need to pick up the twins, take them for lunch and to the dentist, bring them home, then get A to gymnastics. Somewhere in there, I need to make a dash to the grocery store and make mini banana muffins for A's pre-school snack tomorrow. Oh, and dinner for the everyone too..... hmmmm maybe we'll grab fast food tonight. No stampin time for me today.... hopefully tonight when everyone is tucked in.

Hope you all have a super day... even if it's crazy busy like mine! Thanks for stopping by!!

©Stampin'Up! 1990-2007

Monday, April 16, 2007

Swell News

Thanks to a great tip by Florida demonstrator Linda Heller, Miss pregnant girlfriend here is stylin' with her dress. It's the same Au Chocolate DS paper as across the bottom, but it's brayered with certainly celery classic ink to match the card. How cool is that?

Paper piecing is fun. Just stamp your image onto the card stock you are using (here I am using shimmery white), then stamp her again onto the designer paper. Cut out the portion on the paper that you want to use ( the dress), and glue it on your image!

I used Stampin'Up!'s Stampin'Write Markers to color her and white craft ink in the jumbo wheel Petals for the background. The little flower in her hair is from a tiny punch from Target... actually on this card it's a combination of two little mini flowers. The one on the top is a punch sent to me by my friend Heather (thanks babe) along with the little pink crystal in the middle. The rick-rac is from Cindy (Starlitstudios). The pink strip under the ribbon is a piece of card stock with those layered flowers again plus certainly celery brads. The main image is punched out with a Giga Scallop punch from Mary Uchida. I punched another piece out of chocolate chip card stock to give it a shadow. The "you grow girl" is a combination of a dollar stamp from Michaels send to me by my friend Val from Cal, and the stamp that comes in the set Swell News from SU!. The celery grosgrain at the bottom is from Stampin'Up! The slit punch on the bottom right holds the flap closed.

This one is very similar to the one above. The celery part is ran through the Cuddlebug with the new circle embossing folder stamped first with "happy waiting". On this card, I used the new Round Tab Punch on the side attached with certainly celery brads. The card is trimmed about 1 inch off the side so you can grab the tab to open. :) The ribbon on the side is both May Arts (the brown polka-dot) and chocolate grosgrain from Stampin'Up! She is just sooo cute in that celery dress... don't ya think?

One more... this one was a mistake... I cut too much off the front of the card, but wanted to save it, so I added the flowers. This is exactly like the one above except for the embossing folder and the flowers. I love it when I mess up and then end up liking my mistake.

Okay... this is all I got done today in between running my daughter to pre-school and one of my twins to the Dr. Poor Jayce has strep throat and has to stay home one more day (torture for him, he loves school). So,I probably won't get much done tomorrow either. I THINK this covers all the pregnant chicks I know for now. Oh...I can't wait for those new babies to arrive.

Have a super day.... thanks for stopping by!! ~Cambria

©Stampin'Up! 1990-2007

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Crab & Company AGAIN.... sorry!

Okay... I promise I will move on as soon as I finish up these images I already colored. Just two more to go!

My friend Beate sent me these punched out scalloped shapes, and they were just perfect for the crab. This was a layout challenge that called for a circle, so it worked out. I used the Coluzzle to cut out the circle image, then layered that on two scalloped circles. The crab is colored with my Aquapainter on Shimmery White card stock, with a big dab of Crystal Effects for the eyes. Main image is stamped in Timber Brown Stazon, so that the color won't run when you are watercoloring. The Creamy Caramel sand and Cool Caribbean sky is stippled on first. Then I stamped the crab, shell and starfish.

The little shrimp are stamped with Basic Black, then colored in on parts with Real Red Stampin Write marker. I added some glitter with my Sakura glitter pen (Starlitstudios), and white eyes with the White Gel Pen (Stampin'Up!). The bottom portion of the card is ran through my Cuttlebug with the new circle folder. Little starfish was totally cased from a card I saw that Beate had done with him in a little circle. Added some gingham ribbon and some dimensionals for the main image and I'm done! :)

I just loved the little clam with the cakes balanced on his shell, so I decided to mix it up a bit. LOL. You have to get your stamp-a-ma-jig out for this one, but it's worth it. I had this layout all ready for another card with the crab scene, then just decided to add these guys instead.

This is the one Marvy Giga Punch I own. I got it before Ellen sold out of them in her store. I LOVE it.... I need to collect them all for sure. I used my Colozzule again to cut out the oval layered on the scallop. I stippled the sand and sky first, then stamped the images with Timber Brown Stazon, then colored them with my Aquapainter and ink in the lid of my ink pad. I added some glitter with my glitter pen, and white eyes with my white gel pen.

Background is Cool Caribbean and Taken with Teal, ran through the Cuttlebug with embossing folders, both mounted on Basic Black, then on to the Real Red Card. Ribbon is taped on the back. Then, I took the pokey thing and spongy pad from the Crafter's Tool Kit, and poked holes through for the brads..... this of course BEFORE you layer it on your card. LOL... yes, I've done it after and had to live with the brad tongs showing on the inside.

I was meaning to mention yesterday to not be afraid to make your cards with dark card stock or even black. I learned this tip from my fabulous stampin friend and downline Leslie, who always adds an extra layer of card stock on the inside of her card for the sediment. You can also add a couple images ....... it really adds to your cards.

So.. happy Sunday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend so far. I am catching up on laundry today. :) Thanks for stopping by!!

©Stampin'Up! 1990-2007

Friday, April 13, 2007

I Can't Stop w/the Crabs...... Help Me!!!

Oh man.... I can't put this set away. I'm having so much fun.

This time, I masked the crab and stamped the party hat on him. You just stamp him out on copy paper (or better yet, a Post-It note), cut it out, lay it over your image on your card stock, then stamp the hat. Remove the paper and you've got a crab with a hat! Don't throw away that piece though... put it with your stamp set, and you won't have to always take the time to cut one out.

The little circles are made with a 5/8 inch punch and the 1/2 inch circle punch. All images are colored with my aquapainter. Background is cool caribbean and real red card stock ran through the Cuddlebug and embossing folders. The crab image and the little circle images are on dimensionals. The crab's eyes are a big round glob of crystal effects. So cute in person!

This one is pretty similar to the above, I just switched the layout around a bit and added some color to the cool caribbean embossed piece with different sized circle punches. I used the slot punch to make a little slot to run the ribbon through and also added crystal effects to the crab's eyes.

Snappy Birthday was stamped in real red on caribbean then punched out with the word window punch and attached with real red brads.

Okay.... I will try and move on. Well, I have two more colored in and ready to go on cards... so after that, I will move on. LOL

Hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for making time to stop by for a visit. Thanks especially for the comments and emails about trash digging! You all made me smile HUGE and it felt great to know I wasn't the only one that thought about digging in the trash. You'll be happy to hear that Miss Birthday Crab did not get tossed away. WHEW! And, no, I did not come back home with her. I think she has a happy home. :)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Girly Girl Crab & Company

Averie had a birthday party to go to and I need a quick card. I had the crab done, so I just colored in half the eyelids, added some white with my gel pen and then drew on some luscious lashes. Of course she needed a ribbon on her claw too! Oh, how I love this set Crab & Company!!! The cool caribbean is ran through my Cuttlebug with my new embossing folder. The ribbon is May Arts and from Starlitstudio. This card is 4 1/4 x 4 1/4.

A pinch, a pinch, a pinch to grow an inch. I just love my girly crab. I know it will probably end up in the trash at the party though. Is it rude to dig through the wrapping paper for your own card? SNORT!!! I guess I can make another one right?

Do you have a funny card story? I LOVE funny stories. Have you ever dug in the trash on a recovery mission? Come on... somebody tell me a funny card story!

I'm out of town today, but I'll be back this evening! Hope you all have a super day! I better come back to someone else admitting to digging through the trash.... or at least WANTING to. ;)


Stamps: Crab & Company
Card stock: Pink Passion, Only Orange, Cool Caribbean, Shimmery White
Ink: Real Red, Pumpkin Pie, Pretty in Pink, Creamy Caramel, Cool Caribbean, Shimmery H20s.
Other: Aquapainter, Stipple Brushes, Ribbon, White Gel Pen, Sakura Glitter Pen, Sakura Black, Cuttlebug, Embossing folder.

©Stampin"Up! 1990-2007

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Recollections Flower

Hey... did you all know THE Val from Cal has a blog now? Well, SHE DOES! I love that girl, and I check out her blog daily. Well, last night she posted this cool site she visits to get layout ideas. WOW! Totally a perfect place for inspiration. Check it out, CPS. So, this is where I got the layout for this card. I wanted to use my Au Chocolate paper, but I can't find it. I know have another pack here somewhere. LOL. So, this was out, and this is what I used. I really like this layout!

The flower is a new flower die for the Cuttlebug. I LOVE it!! I first ran it through with the thin weight coasters, then did the same with the paper and chocolate chip card stock, glued them together. The Thinking of you is from the hostess set Warmest Regards by Stampin'Up! I stamped it in craft Bravo Burgundy, then used the large oval punch to punch it out. Punched out another large oval shape with chocolate chip card stock, then cut it in half and positioned each piece so that it was showing on the top and bottom of the sentiment. Added some antique brads from the Hodgepodge kit and I have a card ready for the mail. I'm going to use this layout more! Thanks Val... for that awesome link!!!

Here is the complete recipe:

Stamps: Warmest Regards
Card stock: Chocolate Chip, Recollections Designer Series Paper
Ink: Bravo Burgundy Craft
Other: Large Oval Punch, Hodge Podge Hardware, Organdy Ribbon

Have a great day!! I'm off to the grocery store... YICK! I hate grocery shopping. But hey.. at least the rain stopped. :)

©Stampin'Up! 1990-2007

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Big Blooms Post-it and Clippie

Another Post-It note desk top cover. You can find the instructions here, or at SUDSOL if you are a demonstrator. This is all made with the Au Chocolat Designer Series paper from the Stampin'Up! Spring mini. Thanks to a great tip by demonstrator Linda Heller, I learned that you can brayer any color right over the paper to make custom colors! So, the polka-dotted paper is all brayered with pretty in pink classic ink. The big flower from Big Blooms is embossed with pink embossing powder on the same paper, although not brayered. The center is punched out of the same paper again (brayered). I added vintage brads to all the dots. That is layered on another piece of the designer paper, sponged with chocolate chip ink and attached to the top lid of the cover. The inside is chocolate chip card stock. Of course the Post-It Notes are pink inside. :)

Okay... the clippie is made with the new flower dies for the Cuttlebug. You can get them here. The center part is done with the tiny bubbles embossing folder, then gently rubbed over the top of my creamy caramel ink pad. You run the chipboard coasters through, then the card stock, then glue them together. Sandwich them with a giant clip in the middle with E6000. Let them dry overnight or for several hours. The ribbon is my all time favorite (a gift from Mounds) which she got from Cindy... our ribbon "dealer".

I can't wait to make more clippies with my new dies!!! Have a great day girls.... or guys.... people... EVERYONE, hope it's great. Thanks for stopping by!!

©Stampin'Up! 1990-2007

Monday, April 9, 2007

Cheaper Than Therapy & You Don't Need an Appt.

Yes..... I've been over at Eclectic Paperie AGAIN. This is my last visit for awhile. I couldn't resist..... She is just TOO cool... isn't she? She is Nay, from Rubber Romance! Go and check out those RR stamps! OMGosh! I wanted the girl in the car SO bad, but they were out of stock! :(

That background paper is Hannah from the Oh Baby! Girl collection (Basic Grey). I stamped her twice. Once on shimmery white card stock, then again on the paper so that I could cut out the pillow and have a pretty pillow case. I also used those shimmery H2O's on the candy boxes and the fancy pillow. My friend Heather sent me some pretty pink crystals for my birthday and I thought they look divine on the edge of that pillow. I had my Sakura Gelly Glitter pen out to fancy up those chocolate wrappers, so I added an anklet to her tiny little beautiful legs! LOL. Her britches are done with the Linen background stamp from Stampin'Up!, stamped onto shimmery then cut out and glued on. I used regal rose and the aquapainter to add more color and shadow to her new jean cut offs. I used the aquapainter for all the coloring.

I stamped her out one more time onto copy paper, covered her up and then stippled bashful blue all around her. Clipped those corners with the ticket punch and added some vintage brads layered on ruby red card stock, then on a certainly celery base. She is done....well, after I stamped the rest of the sentiment inside. Look at those kisses! I LOVE that saying!

Are you all sick of Easter chocolate? Nah... you NEVER get sick of chocolate right?

Crab & Company Birthdays

Oh man.... I couldn't resist the Crab & Company set out of the Stampin'Up! Spring Mini. I'm telling yah, I want everything in it! Since we live on the OR coast, I grew up crabbing and fishing with my Dad. I HAD to have this set. Yah, that's it.... I HAD to.

I started with my favorite card stock, shimmery white and then stamped the crab and the clams with Timber Stazon. I colored the images with the Aquapainter and classic ink in the lids of my stamp pads. It doesn't show in the photo, but the clams are painted with Lumiere and the cake and presents have glitter on them. The numbers are from the Tidy Number set.... I can't believe it retired last year... I LOVE Tidy Alphabet.... I'll never part with it.

I added both caramel and red gingham ribbon. The tag is just card stock cut out, then, the corners are cut with the tag corner punch. I added the colored brads with that spongy pad in the Crafter's Tool kit and the poker.

The recipe for this one:
Stamps: Crab & Company, Tidy Numbers
Card stock: Chocolate Chip, Cool Caribbean, Real Red, Shimmery White
Ink: Timber Brown Stazon, CC, RR, Creamy Caramel, Sahara Sand, Going Grey, Pumpkin Pie, Shimmery H2O's. Yo Yo Yellow.
Other: Caramel and Red Gingham, Bold Bright Brads, Aquapainter, Sakura Gelly Glitter Pen (Starlitstudio), Tag Corner Punch,

I can't stop with that crab and cute clam... somebody stop me! I had to use my stamp-a-ma-jig for this one, but look at that clam balancing those cakes... clever little clam. They are pink chocolate cakes too... the best kind. :)

This too is shimmery card stock, only this time, I stippled cool caribbean and creamy caramel on the card stock, then added my images. I went back later and added more caramel with my aquapainter. This saved a ton of time. My friend Jenn sent me some shimmery H20's last year, and I haven't used them much, but they were perfect for the extra shine on the star fish and shells. I am going to use them more.. they are fun! This time, I added some google eyes too.

Background is cool caribbean and real red. I used my brand new Cuttlebug embossing folders from Eclectic Paperie. Gingham ribbon again (my favorite), and some real read brads up in the corner. Mounted on dimensionals of course. :)

Here is the complete recipe for this one:
Stamps: Crab & Company
Card stock: Real Red, Shimmery White, Cool Caribbean, Taken with Teal
Ink: CC, Creamy Caramel, RR, Pumpkin Pie, Sahara Sand, Shimmery H20's.
Other: Aquapainter, Gingham, Real Red Brads, Crafter's Tool Kit, Dimensionals, Cuttlebug embossing folders, Crystal Effects, Google Eyes, Sakura Gelly Glitter Pen, Stipple Brushes.

Hope you all aren't crabby today! SNORT! And... if you have a chance, zip over and tell my friend Beate Happy Birthday! :) Thanks for stopping by!

©Stampin'Up! 1990-2007

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Beate!

I just want to wish my friend Beate a super, duper, AWESBOMB Birthday!!!! Beate, Jenn and Lana were my first friends on SCS years ago, and I feel blessed to call them my good friends. Beate is giving, caring and just plain SWEET! OMG... did I say TALENTED? Girl can stamp baby. And... she is the tutorial QUEEN! Always willing to show you how to make something amazing or answer questions about a technique. Generous!! Man... girl is always sending me the coolest little packages of goodies. She knows I am craft deprived in my little town. You all know that if you've been visiting her blog... girl gives new meaning to blog candy! Most of all.... I know she's always there when I need her, and I like nothing more than to sit down at the computer and see her blinking in my task bar. Oh... and she has THE cutest german accent. LOVE talking to her. Okay, okay... I'm done, but I could go on ya know. ;)

Love ya babe!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!
I hope you are having a wonderful day with your family filled with chocolate and fun! Nothing better than an Easter egg sandwich to start your day! I wish it had been a nicer day for hunting, but the kids didn't care. Baylor (one of my twins) is still wondering how the Easter Bunny got those eggs up in the tree.

I found these cute little take out boxes at JoAnn's! I think there are 6 in a box for 99 cents. I bet they will have them even cheaper after Easter. They are easy to just pull the handle out, flatten and stamp. This set is that Create-a-flower set from Paper Salon again. I just LOVE Joy and Daisy's store Eclectic Paperie. I need to stay away for a bit though.... I just want EVERYTHING. I am stuck on this flower, but there are more in the tin.... I will play with them soon. Go and check out those cool stamps in the tins. I really want all the flowers... and you should see the Hemline tin! Next on my list baby! :)

I stamped the flowers with Timber Brown Stazon, then colored them in with ink in my classic ink pad lid with my aquapainter. I used Regal Rose and Certainly Celery to color in the images. The leaves are stamped with Olive Green Stazon. The center of the flowers are stamped with Pumpkin Pie classic ink and the tiny flowers in Bliss Blue. I added some glitter with the Sakura Gelly Roll Glitter pen from Starlitsudio. LOVE those pens! Ribbon is all May Arts and also from the bomb Cindy at Starlitstudio. Tag on the side is made with the tag punches from Stampin'Up! and tied with SU! grosgrain ribbon.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a break with me. I'm back to doing some laundry and picking up some of that Easter basket mess upstairs. I'll be finding that grass for weeks! We had our Easter dinner yesterday at my grandma's house, so today, I'm just giving thanks for all the love in my life. I'm so blessed with wonderful family and friends. I want to thank all of you too, for all your nice comments and emails. I love how this craft can bring so many of us together. Okay, okay... enough of the mush.... see ya tomorrow!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Office Accoutrement Birthday

So... there is still some laundry on my dryer, but it's NEW laundry, so I'm done with my chores..... chores for yesterday anyway. The laundry just keeps coming....... I just want to stamp. :)

I had the Office Accoutrement set out and some paper from the Post-It Note projects and I'm WAY behind in birthdays. So... this is what I had on my desk, and what I ended up with.

The paper clips are from Jo-Anns. Everything else is out of the Stampin'Up! Spring Mini Catalog. Here is the recipe:

Stamp set: Office Accoutrement
Card stock: Chocolate Chip, Certainly Celery, Cool Caribbean, Taken with Teal, Notations DS Paper.
Ink: Craft Taken with Teal, Timber Brown Stazon
Other: Spiral Punch, Grosgrain Ribbon, Circle Punches, Colored Brads, Dimensionals.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

©Stampin'Up! 1990-2007

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Post-It Gift Set

Pretend there are some designer clippies there to match. :) OMGosh... I'm having so much fun with Post-It note holders! The little one is a pattern from SUDSOL (see previous post for directions). Super easy and it gave me an excuse to use some of those thin weight coasters that I had to order a million of... well, not REALLY a million, but I'm happy to use them.

The big one with the matching pen holds the 3.5 x 5 little scratch pads. This pattern is by the bomb Amy Celona. She has an awesome web site. The pattern is here. Nice tutorials... thanks Amy!!

Paper is the Designer Series Double Sided
Notations from the Stampin'Up! Spring Mini and matching stamp set Office Accourtrement. I stamped the big flower with Taken with Teal Craft ink. Also used my new favorite Round Tab Punch.
These were fun and easy! By attaching two loops on each side, when you add the pen, it keeps it closed. How smart is that? Now to get those giant clippies done so that they will be dry and ready to go with the set.

I am going to make myself clean two bathrooms and put away the laundry on the dryer before I can stamp any more today. Hopefully, I'll have more to post tonight or tomorrow. Wish me luck! LOL

Thanks for stopping by girls! Hope you are having a terrific day!!!

©Stampin'Up! 1990-2007

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Post-It Desk Cover/Matching Card

I couldn't resist these stamps when I saw them at Eclectic Paperie. Create a flower by Paper Salon is the name of this cute set that comes in it's own tin! You get a great variety of flowers, stems, leaves, and flower centers. It was love at first sight. It is my first unmounted stamp set. I was surprised at how easy they are to use. They are rubber, similar to Stampin'Up!, but you do need to mount them on your own wood, or use acrylic blocks. I LOVE how they store. The paper is Bon Bon from the LILYKATE collection of BasicGrey. Ribbon is May Arts. Card stock is Stampin'Up! Certainly Celery, Buckaroo Blue, Close to Cocoa, and Shimmery White. OMGosh..... I can't wait to play with some of the other flowers in this set! Two of the five different stems in the set are words.... I love that. On this stem, it says "Friends are flowers in Bloom".

The little Post-It note cover is another great idea from SUDSOL. Paula Goff wrote a tutorial with photos. Have I told ya that I love SUDSOL? ;) I used the thin weight coasters and cut them down to 3.5x3.5, cover them with designer paper(cut to 4.5 x 4.5). The inside card stock is 3 1/4 x 6 3/4 and scored at 3 1/4 at from each end. The flower on the outside is also stamped on to the thin weight coaster, cut out and colored with the aquapainter. The heart chipboard piece is from the On Board Accents bunch from Stampin'Up!, covered with craft Ink, then stamped with Timber Brown Stazon. I can never find my Post-It notes on my desk!! Next, I'm making one for me so that I can find them!!

Thanks for stopping by..... if you have a chance, go to Joy and Daisy's store and check out the goodies they have. Be warned though..... you'll want everything! Have a super day!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

16 Cards From ONE Designer Piece of Paper!

Last month, in April's Stampin' Success Magazine (Demonstrators get this cool magazine each month from SU!), they had a OSW (one sheet wonder) template, but instead of using a stamped sheet of card stock, they used one sheet of Designer Series paper! I thought it was totally clever, but the examples they gave were just a little too simple for my customers. So, I tweaked it a bit. At my last workshop, I had half of them done.... because I procrastinated and didn't start early enough for my projects. I really was sick though... so that's my excuse. :)

Anyway, my customers loved the 10 cards I had brought with me that took about 45 min. I promised I'd share the rest when I could get them done. So, thought I'd share with you too! These are simple, but you can whip out 16 with one sheet of Designer paper in about one hour. I used three colors of card stock (pretty in pink, cool caribbean, and certainly celery) plus shimmery white. Same colors for the ink, plus Timber Brown Stazon so that I could use the aquapainter and the coordinating ink pads. I chose the new
Au Choclate Designer Series paper out of the new Spring Mini Catalog.

I used just three stamp sets, but you could easily just use one or two. I used
Doodle This and Doodle That from the Spring Mini, plus Mini Mates for the little sayings. I also used three colors of grosgrain ribbon, pretty in pink, certainly celery, and brown. You could very easily add brads or buttons, or other accessories to spice these up, but they are perfect to use as everyday cards or as gifts for friends and family. If you took advantage of the Spring Fling promotion last month, you could very easily use your new paper, jumbo wheel and that awesome Polka Dots & Paisley set!

There are many templates for
one sheet wonders available at SCS. You can try any one of them and just substitute designer series paper. If you want this OSW template, contact your Stampin'Up! demonstrator!!

Hope you all had a super weekend and you got to spend some time stampin' up some love! I got to stamp with my cousin's daughter and my son for a short while, plus finish these up, but hopefully, I'll get more done this week. The kids go back to school in the morning, Spring Break is over!

As always, I appreciate you stopping by! Have a super day!

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