Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Update on Grandma

Grandma is doing well and will be out of ICU today! They had to put in a mechanical valve instead of the pig's valve because her artery was too small, but the surgery went well and she is recovering well. Yesterday they had her up and sitting in a chair for a short while and she ate Jello.

I have to tell you that my Grandma truly is my hero. She had the entire staff laughing and smiling right up until surgery. I don't believe I've EVER heard her complain. After surgery, it was HARD to see her in so much pain. The only thing she said is "it hurts SO much". I thought my heart would just fall out. You'd be proud though. I kept those big girl panties on and didn't cry until AFTER I was out of the room. I had to come home, but later in the day my Mom said she was again, having fun with the staff and just doing as well as could be expected. I'm AMAZED with what they do these days in the medical field, and SO thankful that I will have my grandma for many more years!!

Thank you SO much for all the emails, phone calls, thoughts and prayers. I appreciate it SOOOOO much.

If you'd like to send my Grandma a RAK, she would LOVE it. Send me an email at and I'll give you her address. It sure would make her day to get some well wishes in the mail. We are hoping to get her home sometime next week.

Oh, lots to catch up on today, but hopefully some stampin time tonight!!
Thanks everyone!!!


Kimberly said...

Oh my. I will keep your Grandmother in my prayers. My dad is back in the hospital as well. He had surgery yesterday on his back. It is so stressful being here and far away from being able to help. Keep your chin up girl. I am here for you. Keep us updated. :) Smooches!

chelemom said...


Email me and I will definitely mail your grandma a card! Glad she is doing OK!

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, Cami! I didn't expect to see you here! I'm so glad your Grandma is doing well! Happy day!! I'd love to send her a RAK. I'll email you.

Amy said...

I just stumbled onto your blog this morning. I will make your grandmother a card today. You make beautiful stuff!


Sandy Stamps (SCS) said...

That is indeed wonderful news. My Dad had his valve replaced---about 17 years ago now, and it is doing great! With a mechanical valve he and your grandmother will be on long term coumadin to thin the blood, but that has been the only down side. Because it is mecahnical, I can sometimes "hear" his valve clicking, but he doesn't notice it.
Enjoy your grandmother, she sounds like a real treasure! Best wishes to ALL of you!

kathy said...

I am glad she is doing well. I will email you about sending her a card

Jenn said...

I *am* proud of you. I know how much you love your Grandma, and am sure it just hurt to see her in pain. :( HUGS my friend,

Kim said...

What a sweet family! TFS! Give Grandma hugs from FL....and save one for you!

Anonymous said...

Please email me! I would love to send your Grandma a RAK. She sounds absolutely wonderful.

lilstamperalex said...

I am glad to hear your Grandmother is doing better - I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers!