Sunday, April 22, 2007

Blog Candy Winner!!

Thanks so much to everyone!! Please see this post... sorry to have to pick a little earlier than expected. Kathy W... please send me your mailing information!!! I can't believe the random picker picked a fellow Oregonian!! You can email me at Congratulations!!!

Kathy W said...

I like neutrals for hallways, but I love eggshell blue (just the slightest hint of blue) for a living room, dining room, etc. It brings out any blue that you put on the walls (we have a lot since it is my favorite color!) By the way, I first tuned into your blog because you're in Oregon (yeah!) but you're on my daily favorites for your fresh and fun ideas. I just love seeing your creativity and appreciate the work you do keeping up a blog so that you can share with us. Thank you!!!

April 20, 2007 9:04 AM

I'll check in when I get back, and I'll mail your candy off Wednesday!
Thanks again to everyone who left a comment and for visiting my blog!!!!


chelemom said...

Congrats Kathy!

chrissyhooker said...


diane mcvey said...

Oh, what a lucky winner! Enjoy your wonderful prize!

Lana said...

I want some candy! You know I like chocolate. . . Cami send me some candy!!!!!!! ASAP!!!!!!!! LOL!