Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Mounds!!!

Happy birthday my sweet friend! I absolutely ADORE Joy (yes, here real name is Joy...well, REALLY Emily, but you all know her as Joy). I met Mounds, on SCS years ago... she was always so sweet and funny. In one of those fun threads, I called her my Mounds of Joy, like the candy, and from there it was shortened to Mounds.

I met her IRL last September at a stampin retreat in WI. We flew out together after hooking up in Vegas (our flights that is). I was SO nervous to meet her... I talked her ear off until 3:00 am. You know how you meet some people and they just have an aura (ora? How do you spell that?), okay VIBE... you know how you just get a certain vibe? Mounds has that... she exudes love and friendship and warmth. She is someone that I am honored to call my friend. I am so freaking lucky when it comes to the friend dept. That stampin retreat was THE best time evah.... I made life long friends from that trip.

So, if you have some time today, head on over to Mound's blog and wish her a happy birthday!! I love you Mounds!! Hope your day is as AWESBOMB as you baby!!!!


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