Thursday, March 27, 2008

Something For Me

I didn't realize when I got these cool letters from Stampendous that they weren't released yet. They will be available soon, along with all new Changitos! If you want to be the first to know(and learn about cool deals from eP), you can sign up for the newsletter at here (on the bottom left).

I rarely make things for myself, so it was fun to only have the letters in my name. When I was organizing, I found this frame that I had picked up in the clearance section at Staples. It is a magnet board with a space in the middle for a photo. The frame was already pink, but the inside part was UGLY. I covered it with my favorite pink paper (Crew Kids-Girl Scrappin Kit). You know it had to be a pink project if it was going to have my name on it right? The paper didn't quite cover the whole thing so I added these cool Paper Frills from Doodle Bug and added a tiny little pearl in the corners.

I cut some cork board for the center instead of using a photo. Then, I used one of the cool little letter doo dads to frame it. I also used another "doo dad" for the center of the flowers (and another pretty pearl).

Each letter comes with all kinds of super cute stamps to decorate your letters. Or, you can use the letters by themselves on paper like I did for my magnets. I stamped on the paper, cut them out, then ran then through my Xyron sticker maker, then stuck them on a magnet sheet and cut them out again. Now I can move them all around! I cannot wait to get the whole alphabet!! Want to see more sneak peeks? Check out Shabby Chick Junk and Live, Laugh, Love with LunaLana.

I finished it up with some Rub-Ons from Stampin'Up! Hey, another thing to help keep me organized! Whoo Hooo! I'm going to take all the post it notes off my monitor now. LOL.

Okay.... keep an eye out for this alpha set and the new Changitos from Stampendous soon. Or sign up for the newsletter, then you'll be the first to know. *wink*.

Can anyone think of words I can make with my letters? One I can use on a card? I'm horrible at that. All I can think of is BRAT. LOL.

Have a great day.... the weekend is almost here!!!


Kelly L said...

This is REALLY cool, Cambria! I love it. Wow, I would love one of these in my *cough* organized office! LOL :) Great colors and lots of little embellishment goodies! It really looks FUN!

Kelly L said...

oops, I forgot the words -- I love these word games, but I am not sure you could use them much. car, tar, bar, cat, bat, mat, rib, mit (maybe the car and mit could be used with some boy cards-- like a baseball mit? Is that one T or two? LOL

Amy said...

Very cool! I need something like this in my office!

Here's what I can see in your letters:

Crab (As in sorry, I'm a crab?) :-)
MIA (For scrapping those things that always get lost)

I think Brat may have its uses, too, though!

Amy said...

How about "brim," as in filled to the brim with love? So many great coffee stamps to pair with this one. Doesn't A Muse have a love mug stamp, even?

Cindy @ Creating at Home said...


Amy said...

Okay, this is it. I promise! I'm going to purge these letters from my brain and go make dinner!

Ta Ta

Not all terribly useful, perhaps. But I did leave off serious long shots like Tartar, at least ;-). Hope something sparks an idea!

Melissa said...

So incredibly cute! I'm a pink girl too and love it when I see things made with my favorite color!

Many Blessings,

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

cambrit Ooooh...tiara is a grand one! Brim is good too! Trim, cram...studying? IT! Love those cute letters!

pescbrico said...

You can write Cambria and Cami with it! :) In french you could write "ami" for a guy friend. And the only word I can think of in English is Bra!... well I've tried! :)
Have a great day!

nancy said...

Cami, these letters are adorable (just like you!)... Cambria would be the most wonderful thing I could think of to spell with them = )

Debbie Olson said...

I love this piece, Cambria--especially all of your PINK details! Great job!

Christina Fischer said...

This is so much fun!! I think I need one for me, too! The first word I thought of was cram -- like for an exam! Might be fun for a college student! :)

Molly B said...

Wow those letters are very cool. Can't wait to get my hands on those little buggers. All I could come up with was car! Was never very good at that game :( -Molly B

Anonymous said...

I have to play too...


Anonymous said...

Gee, I think they covered all the words I had!
I love your creation, it's GREAT!!!
Of course, everything you do is AWESOME!!! Have a great weekend...:D

Jody said...

WHOA - you're getting pretty technical with the terms - "doodads"?!? LOL! This is too cute!

Hows about - cart, mart, art, tar, rat, tram, cram, ram, bar, bit, mit, Tim, rim, trim

StampMom said...

With your talent, I'm sure you could spell MIRACLE by turning the "T" into an "L" and the "B" into an "E"...

Juanita B said...

AWESOME! You're so smart to cover the board like that. I love the colors, paper, and all the doo-dads. It's so nice to see yoy do something for you. TFS.

Here are some words I saw in these letters: CAB, CAR, CRAB, BAR, BRA, TRIM, RIM, CRIB, RIB, BRIM, TAR, RAT, ART, TIC, TAC, CAT, ACT, ARM MAR, TIM. HTH and have a blast of a weekend.

Heather P. said...

This card is SO cute, and I love those letters!!! :)

I know it's officially Spring now, but you could always get a heard start on your winter cards and make the word BRRR... LOL

Anonymous said...

check out this scrabble site with a word maker. just plug in your letters and there you go. not as great for stamps because you can use the letters multiple times but awesome for stickers, chipboard ect.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhh Cami!!!
So cute ... so pinkalicious!
Those little letters were "meant" to be placed in your hands!!


Jeni said...

I don't know if anyone as thought of tiara
I love the board you made. It is fabulous. It's funny how we get so busy making things for everyone else that we somehow forget about "us".

Shannon Roberts said...

I have been meaning to ask you why the T???