Thursday, April 17, 2008

More Copic Tid Bits

Yesterday, I had a VERY long day... sorry for no post. I came home to many questions and I'll do my best to answer them today, although I don't have anything stamped to show you right now. I'm trying to catch up. :)

First.... I have the sketch markers. That is what I prefer. The original Copics come with the chisel end (which I love, and used to color the sky in the previous post), it is angled and stiff, so you can color larger areas, but still use the tip if you need to get in a corner. The other end is a fine point end, similar to writing tip of the SU! markers but a tad bigger or maybe like you'd see in a regular "marker tip". These markers are more square in shape. The Sketch (My Fav) have the chisel end, then a brush end. LOVE the brush end. The ink "flows" out of these markers.... it's hard to explain, but more like a cross between an aquapainter and a marker. The tip end is very fine, so if you use a light touch, you can get into any tight area. These markers are oval shaped. The Ciao (pronounced Chow) have the same tips as the sketch. Marianne said they are perfect for people just starting out, or who want to "try" them, and that also many people buy them for their children because like I said, those tips , you do not have to be so gentle with... and remember too, that the tips are all replaceable.... all the Copics. The Ciao's are round, but smaller and not so fat. They have other tips to choose from too, but this is how the come. The only difference between the Ciao and the Sketch is that with the sketch you can use the airbrush system. At first, I totally thought I had the wrong markers and that I would have been fine with the Ciao, but THEN... omg, we got to play with the airbrush system... and OH DANG.... a whole nother post baby... and yes, I was gasping out loud again. Needless to say, I have the airbrush and a can of air, but I'm shopping for a small compressor. AMAZING. I'll save that for another day and try to stick to the questions you had.

Next, you asked about the blending and if when you are using the lighter color it will harm the tip of the light color. NO WAY. OMG, Marianne was totally into torturing me, or maybe she enjoyed hearing me gasp. She grabbed a light YELLOW marker, then a dark color (can't remember what color because I went into shock, but let's say blue), then DREW ON THE YELLOW TIP with the blue. Then, colored on the paper and blended right from the tip of the YELLOW!!! YELLOW!!! Then, it just washed right out on the paper and was perfectly yellow again. I KNOW? Are you gasping? How many of you have stamped in your yo yo yellow pad with black? OR, have black tips on your markers from getting to close to the image? Yah, Cams was FREAKING OUT. So, then she showed us that you can do the same technique with shades of different markers direct from the marker, not just blending on the paper. When you are done, simply color out on your scratch paper until the color you added to the tip of your marker is gone. Do it, try it... you will be amazed.

I want to tell you too, that a lot of the results you'll get will vary on the paper you are using. We were using Neenah White, and I've also heard that people get super results on the Georgia Pacific White. I have not tried coloring on my Whisper White yet. So, you need good paper... get it out and start experimenting. Find what works for you. If you are straight coloring, do not use watercoloring paper. It absorbs too much for the blending.... but not to say you can't watercoloring with these pens... more later on that.

Okay... I seriously have a ton to catch up on today. Please feel free to continue to ask questions. I'm happy to help and after all, I'm CERTIFIED BABY! I have SO much to show you!! OMGosh how I LOVE these markers!

You can also find out more at the Copic Website

Oh, the eSsentials pack at eP are the sketch. But you can order any style from them. Mounds is amazing... she knows all the numbers/colors. Her and Marianne were always throwing the letters/numbers out and I was like... DANG, stop talking in Copic Code. Someday, I will learn the Copic Code as well as Mounds. If you are a serious stamper, you want a lifetime coloring system where you can get artist quality results, I'd totally start with the sketch or the Original so that you have that option of the airbrush. Oh, and if you haven't already wondered, YES, the airbrush system is SO much more than just for coloring.

I will try and get photos today of the four types and their tips. Thanks for stopping by everyone, and thanks for all the sweet comments. Fire away with questions, and don't forget to leave one comment in the Copic Candy Post for the drawing on Friday.

Edited to say: See the photo of the blog candy? The greens are the original, the blue oval shape is the sketch, the round peachy colors with the holes in the caps, those are the Ciao. The holes in the caps are so that if your child swallows them, they will not choke... air can get through. See the big wide one? Betcha think you'd NEVER use that huh? Hmmmmm...... we'll see about that. SNORT.


Jackie said...

You are too funny!I would have gasped, too, though and I am still afraid to try that trick with mine. The color might come off of her markers just fine, but I'm sure mine would be ruined! I do have a question - what is the proper pronunciation of Copic - is it cope-ic or cop-ic (as in bad cop, no donut?) Inquiring minds need to know!

Mollie said...

Oh my gosh! You are way too hilarious! I am dying here...cannot wait to get myself some of the amazing Copics:o)

Thanks for sharing your knowledge!!!

Terri H. said...

Cami, I'm so enjoying your posts about how to use the copics. I have a request rather than a question. Would you please demonstrate how to color and blend in larger areas (as you did the sky in your last card)? I have so much trouble doing this.
Keep those tips a comin!

Stampvamp said...

I'm with Jackie...what is the proper pronunciation? I've been wondering too.

Casie said...

I just ordered my first set of Copic and your tips have been great!! I can't wait for them to get hear so I can start practicing!!

One question... when you said Neenah white, was that Classic Crest Solar White?? Or something else?? What weight?? I use the above in 110# currently and love it! I hope it's the same one.


andrea murdock said...

OMG you are sooo funny. I would have been gasping and clutching at my neck too when she grabbed the yellow and put the dark colour on it!

Jennifer said...

I'd have died, too. I freak when I smudge anything. LOL

You keep making getting them sound so much more tempting. My husband is NOT going to like you (because I'll blame it all on you..hehe!)

Carol said...

I've learned more from your last two posts about copics than I ever knew! TFS all your great tips. You are SO enabling me to run out and buy some Copics! LOL TFS

Jenn Muraoka said...

Thanks so much. Keep these tips coming! My media of choice throughout HS and college was pastels. I left the markers for the "cartoonist". Now, I am finding myself switching to markers. I just bought some Copics at my local art store, becaue of the brush tip, a few months ago. I knew they were good markers (Of course, they have to be at over 5 dollars for ONE!! LOL), but I was lacking knowledge of how to use them to their full potential. So, thank you for the great tips. Please keep them coming. I have learned so much in two little posts of yours. I appreciate the time and effort that it takes to write, edit, and post these detailed tips. JeNN, PS I was using the Copic Blenders wrong too! I will have to try "pushing" the ink back with it. I jut used the copics the other night to color in an image. When I turned it over and saw some bleeding, I thought to myself, what did I do wrong? So Thanks! Oh, PPSS, I would have been shocked and sick to MY stomach too if I saw someone smashing my Copics into a paper. I'm treating them like a babies behind!

Kim Williams said...

I still say I would have passed out if I had been there and seen the whole "marker smashing" incident! Thank you so much for sharing what you learned, you have no idea how much it is helping us. I am going to try to calm my shaking hands enough to do the color blending with the light on dark colors. It makes me a little sick to think of it, because you know what happens with your regular markers when you do!

I forgot to give you a recipe when I posted for the Copic here is a great and very simple breakfast one that is a hit:

Breakfast Bundt Casserole

2 cans (10 count) of buttermilk biscuits (not the flaky style)

1 pound of sausage (I use turkey sausage and tricked my hubby with it...he thought it was pork!)

6 eggs, well beaten

1 1/2 c. shredded cheese of your choice

Brown your sausage and drain any fat. Spray your bundt pan with some non-stick cooking spray. Take one can of biscuits and roll each biscuit out flat, until it is about 5 inches in diameter. Lay this first can of biscuits in the bottom of the bundt pan. (I sort of alternated them so one was a little more to the center "ring", and the next was a little more near the outer edge of the pan.)

Put your sausage on top of these biscuits, top with the cheese, and then pour the raw eggs over it. Roll out the second can of biscuits the same way and top the mixture with them, overlapping them slightly.

Bake in a 350 oven for 30-40 minutes, start checking for doneness at 30 minutes (if a toothpick comes out clean, it is done). Let cool for a minute or two before turning out on a plate.

This travels really well for any kind of brunch or church breakfast, and kids love having the meat and eggs in the middle of the bread!

Have a great day!


Darthy said...

Cami I love this post! Holy cow I feel like I was there. Did you give Mounds a good squeeze for us all?

Dawn Easton said...

Thanks for more GREAT tips! I'm still learning too!

I have to say that I really only colour with my copics on SU! WW. If I use Adirondack Black ink it doesn't smear with my WW.

We don't get many of the same papers like GP in Canada. I do have some Papertrey but none of the inks I have work well on Papertrey. I'm waiting for Palette Noir ink for that paper.

I was always saying Copic like topic....til someone corrected me and it's Copic as in Co-operate..with a LONG o

Lois said...

After reading your blog - which I love, I need to go right out and buy some copics. I love that I will be able to fix my boo-boos with them!

Anonymous said...

Which Neenah white paper did you use? Is it a cardstock weight paper, or a copy paper? When I did a search, it appears there are different brands within the Neenah paper line.

Aimee said...

Love your reactions... I love my sketch and ciaos... I can get enough of playing with them...

retiredheather said...

Wow! That was a fantastic explaination of copics. It really makes me want to get some but I have never seen any to even try out. Don`t know if they are available in Canada.
Retired Heather

Velta said...

This was a hilarious post!!! Thank you for your recommendations and your tips about the Copics :)

Michelle said...

If anyone is looking locally in their area to get Copics, check Hobby Lobby. Ours has the sketch markers, and they go on sale with the rest of the art markers (like right now they are 25% off).

Anonymous said...

Cami ~ I just started reading your blog, and I love all the tips that you have for the Copics. I do have a question about the paper. There is a LSS that sells the Copics, and they recommend a mattekote paper. They said that you have more time to move the ink on this paper. Did Marianne mention anything about using this type of paper?

Thanks, Peggy F

Elaine said...

Great post and info!!

I have a hard time telling what colors really turn out on paper. I'm looking for something in a mint green color and a light celery - can you re commend the two colors that you would choose for each of these? Thanks again

Cambria Turnbow said...

Hey Peggy... this from Marianne about the paper "I've got a type of matte -kote paper. This is basically a fancy glossy cardstock. Yes the colors sit on the surface and don't soak in as quickly, so you can mush them around, but they won't blend as smooth- they just pool up because the dye has no-where to go."

HOpe that answers your question. Thanks for visiting me!

sully said...

I'm in the market for copic markers,
and just placed an order at "Sams club" (of all places) so I need alot
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Your Blog has helped a lot.