Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stamps in DA HOUSE Baby!!

Oh Yah! I'm SO excited!! My first OCL stamp sets arrived today! Well, okay, not REALLY my first, but my first sets that are totally put together and finished. We sent out a few sets without the panels to some friends (and me) so that we could have samples made up before the release, so today, I got my sets the same way they arrive to you!

I know Joy and Kimberly worked really hard on these. And, we've had GREAT feedback, but, I had NO IDEA how really cool they would be! Now I know! Totally MADE MY DAY! Joy and Kimberly are BRILLIANT.... BRILLIANT I tell yah. :)

So, this is how they come... The panel is a thick, laminated like plastic. The front side has the images all colored and pretty. This is one out of the bag... you can see that they are also three hole punched so that you can store them in a binder (and we have a system coming soon). They arrive in a nice bag with a triangle loop at the top for those of you who use the Clip It or other hanging system.

Turn it over, and the stamps are clinging to the back! Just peel them off, stick them on an acrylic block and stamp away! When you are done, clean your stamp and stick it back to the panel. How cool is that?

Our Crafty Cling rubber is deeply etched pink rubber... it's beautiful (Okay, so I admit, I might be a TAD biased). Our Crafty Clear arrives the same way! Marianne colored most of the panels, so it's like getting a bonus Copic tutorial to boot!

Oh, and check this out! I stacked six sets! SIX... and look at how little space they take up! THAT floats my boat baby!!

Okay, so if you are still reading... thanks for bearing with my excitement of the day! I have to say, even though my husband thought they were pretty cool too, he just didn't have the enthusiasm I thought he should... so I really needed to share with someone who would KNOW how I felt.

I had a super busy day, so I need to get to work on Beate's sketch for tomorrow. Before I go though, I want to share a coupon code good for tomorrow only! So, if you haven't shopped with us yet, but you'd like to give us a try, make sure and use the code TGIF at checkout for a surprise discount! Even if you have already tried our stamps and want more.. don't forget the code! Also, check in with us starting tomorrow on our site, because you never know when a new ticket number will show up! Come and lounge with us!

I also want to thank you all SO much for your support. I feel so blessed to have such great stampin friends.

See ya tomorrow for Beate's Weekend Sketch!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cami,
Oh yeah baby, I was so impressed with the whole package, not JUST the stamps! Love it!
Anxiously awaiting to see what else you have up your sleeve.
Big hugs,

Lori Barnett said...

YIPPEE YIPPEE WOOHOO WOOHOO YEEEHAWWW!!! Awesome stuff!!! I'm here being excited with ya girlfriend!! That's WAY COOL how the take up very little space!!!!!! GIT-ER-DONE!!!

Kisa Peters said...

OH man! I'd be having a great day too! They look AWESOME!!

Renata van Miltenburg said...

It has had a serious consideration!! It is a perfect system, realy cool!! Love the stamps too.

With love from Holland,


DeeDee said...

WOW, how cool is that!!! I love the idea of them fitting in a binder!!! I'm patiently waiting for my sets to arrive....well maybe not patiently!!! LOL!!! Oh, Cami...I tagged you over on my blog girlie!! HUGS!!

The Crazy Life of a Navy Wife said...

The stamps look awesome. How great is it that they are hole punched and take up so little room???

Cindy Haffner said...

what a great system girl, so cool.

Broni said...

You're right...that's so totally brilliant!!! I wish everyone was so smart!!

Vicki G said...

These look GREAT. I am TOTALLY stalking my Mailbox Cami!!!

Michele Kovack said...

These look gorgeous!!! I am all about the packaging sistah!!! You are killing me over here!

Alex said...

OOoh, I do like the packaging - not that I don't like MY stamps, but hey, I am a rubbah girl at heart, heehee!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Anonymous said...

Can you feel the (((((HUGS))))))?
Can you feel the earth shake with my happy dance for ya!?!? Well if you can't, sweetie, pay attention! hahahah

Our Craft Lounge is and will be FABULOUS!

Anonymous said...

Cami, these look fab-u-lous!!! You all are so ready for prime time!!
--Hugs Becca

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

I don't know how I missed this post! What a cool idea to have them go in a 3 ring binder!

Cheryl said...

Love how these are stored! Can't WAIT for mine to arrive!

Bonnie said...

Oh my gawd!! Hubby's just DON"T get it!! WHAT is the matter with them! Your stamps are freakin' awesome and how exciting for YOU!

Anonymous said...

I love the way these come, Cami! I was really impressed. I made my first card with them today because I finally found the time to color. Would you believe I went five whole days without going in my stamp room? I KNOW! Insane!!

retiredheather said...

Sorry I am so late posting this. Congrats on your stamps. They look great.
Happy Holidays