Saturday, March 24, 2007

Jumpalina Cottontail!!!

chelemom wins Jumpalina!! Averie insisted on Jumpalina and just would not budge. I think she just liked the way it rolled off her tongue. She jumps when she says it too! :) I have to say that all the names really made me smile... Mchooty Hopper! The boys also like Jumpalina and Little Stinker. Petals was very creative... that was my vote. Man... I always get out voted in this house... I think I should have had another girl to even out the testosterone a little.

Send me your address
chelemom and Jumpalina is on her way to her new home!

Thanks so much for playing girls!! And thanks for the cheer!


Alicia said...

I love your site and stuff! Thanks for sharing HOW TO's on your stuff! I am gonna make the sour cram container again. It's been alooong time! :)

Anonymous said...


Thank you!!! How can I give you my address w/o leaving it on the blog?

Memories of Time said...

Click on contact me at the top of the page and you can send it to me via email. THANK YOU babe!! :)