Saturday, March 24, 2007

Thank You Kathi Ann!!

I had a workshop today. I love my hostess club gals.... they are so good to me. This workshop was at one of my friend's church, so everyone was welcome to attend.

I met this very cool chick from SCS... actually, I've met a TON of very cool chicks from SCS, but this one I got to meet a year or so ago when she came to my house to stamp as a guest of one of my club members. It was SO much fun to stamp with her. Come to find out that her parents live in a nearby town called Lakeside and she was visiting. Well, I was THRILLED when she actually MOVED here!!! Unfortunately, she started school at our community college and I rarely get to see her... not to mention stamp with her. Like, pfft.... what's with that? She studies instead of stamps. Yah, well, I still love her. SNORT! Today, she got to come to our little gathering!! And... look what she made for me! How sweet is that? I thought it was totally clever of her to cover that little box with paper. Pink chocolate and Chai tea.... how awesome is that? Thanks so much Kathi Ann! I'm so happy you got to come and stamp with us today!!

I'll share what we did at our meeting soon. And, the clever ideas my girls came up with!!

Hope you all got to do some stampin' this weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, man!!! I'm so jealous! I've chatted with Kathi Ann for over 2 years now on SCS & STILL haven't met her!

I do know she rocks the house with her stamping, though. ;o) Those things she made for you are precious!

Memories of Time said...

You'll just have to come to the OR coast and stamp with us Karen! :) Kathi Ann is awesbomb!! I'll share her if you visit.... promise. :)

StampingontheLakefront said...

Wow - great gift. I needed some ideas for an upcoming swap and may have to CASE this one.

Thanks Cambria and Kathy.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, Cami! I really didn't think you were going to share this. I'm kinda gallery shy, but your pic makes it look cute!

Glad you like it. I had sooooo much fun yesterday! Thank you!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW -that is sweet! LOVE these gifts - you are a lucky dog, cami!