Saturday, May 3, 2008

Feel Like Shopping Today?

Two of my favorite places to shop are having great specials today!!!

From Lizzie Anne Designs , in celebration of National Scrapbooking Day, you will receive a free gift with EVERY PURCHASE!! Today only!! No minimum amount to order, just include the following code in the comment section. Make sure you add it to the comment section and not the coupon code section.


Free stuff baby..... oh yah! Did you see their new releases? Did you know they are all on EZMount? Oh, I LOVE THEM!!!!

And..... from eclectic Paperie... have you signed up for the newsletter? Did you see their special? ilovepaper.... that's all I'm saying. I love their newsletter. :)

Have a super Saturday everyone!!

1 comment:

Susan Mac Donald said...

I'm way behind on the blogs, due to a very excellent family garden wedding. Your family pictures remind me of my past weekend...the smiles, fun, & LOVE in the eyes of the (little) folks. OH, to have the availability of this happiness, in the eyes of a child..
irreplaceable! THX. for bringing back some tucked away memories,& keeping this beautiful blog going!