Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fabulous 40 Hanna

Just a quick post today, I will add the details later. I made this special card for a friend who is, indeed, fabulous and about to turn the big 40.

The happy inside the O and the celebrate on the ribbon are the new rub-ons you can get for free during SAB. I am loving rub-ons.... I told ya that right? More details to come. This is the new set from Hanna Stamps called Sweet Celebrations. Awesome set for Valentines or any time!!

I was back at the ER with my Baylor last night. I took him to his follow up Dr. appt. on Tuesday and the one wound from the bite that didn't get stitches was red. The Dr. drew around the red with a sharpie and said if it passed the line to come back in immediately. We were instructed to change the dressing once a day. Last night, my heart sunk when I took off the dressing and the red creped past the line about 1/2 inch.

I'll spare the details, but it was not a pleasant visit. After they were done poking and picking at his poor leg, they hooked up an IV and gave him some antibiotics. He started getting a rash and turning red shortly after the nurse left. I went to get him and when he took off running to the room, I started to worry a bit. He stopped the drip, then put something else in (Benedryl) and then Baylor's eyes got big and he started coughing and said his throat was doing funky things. It was over almost as fast as it started thanks to the Benedryl. I think I filled up my big girl panties. So, they had to mix up something else in the pharmacy, and that drip was fine. He slept through most of it. We got home late and he is exhausted but feeling better today. We have to keep it elevated and with moist heat so that it doesn't scab over. We see the Dr. again today at 4:30, but the red hasn't spread and the stitches even look better. I think the worst is over!!! He is taking double the antibiotics now, so I need to run and get a prescription.

A little enabling before I go:

Okay... so this morning I was skimming through my email and I got the eP newsletter.... did you see that cupcake set from Stampendous? OMG.... I had to place a quick order. You can also get the above Sweet Celebrations or other Hanna Stamps from eP plus free flowers to boot... see below!!

Check it out... eP is turning one!!

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Okay... I'm going.... another busy day. I'll try and fill in the recipe tonight.
Thanks SO much for all the support and nice comments. You are all so sweet, it means the world to me..... THANK YOU!!


Anonymous said...

I truly enjoy looking at your beautiful stamped items. I am sorry about your little one. I hope he gets better soon.

Carolyn King said...

What a beautiful and FUN card. You rock girl.

Big hugs to you--what a horrible accident for your child to endure (and you right along with him)

Prayers for a speedy (and painless) recovery.

Kylie Swain said...

That is the best Hanna stamp I have seen yet and your card is fab.

I think I would have filled my big girl panites too. I hope your son's recovery is quick and he is back up and running about very soon and ejoying life.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the dog bite. Poor little guy. What a brave brother. Hoping he heals quickly and that there are no more scary moments. Big hugs.

Niki Estes said...

Beautiful card! So sorry about your son! Glad he is getting a little better now.

Anonymous said...

So sorry about the frightening experience for your kids and the rest of the family, hopefully everything goes smooth from now on.
I always love your cards, you come up with some creative ideas!!

Take Care!!

Joy said...

OMG! Hanna looks HOTTTTTTT!!!! (just like you!) I miss you!

Susie said...

Cambria - I don't comment often but you are on my Google Reader and I read every wonderful post you write. I am so sorry your little one had this awful experience. I do hope the wound is looking even better today. I know what it's like - when my daughter was little she was bitten right by her eye by a neighbor's dog that was very mean. Hugs from Illinois.

Rose Ann said...

I love your Hanna!! Those colors are so pretty, and I love your paper piecing!!

I hope Baylor is doing better! Hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Please find out what was in that first bag of antibiotics, your son may have an allergy to that med and does not ever need to take it again.

This is an ER nurse speaking.

Love the card too!! :)

Jennifer Aviles said...

oh my gosh, Cami. Oh. my. gosh. Poor guys! I hope he heals quickly and with no more suprises!

Love the card, but is that a suprise?

Lori Craig said...

Girl...I am so sorry about Baylor. I am thankful that it appears to be on the mend. Hugs, sweetie. I am sure that was so frightening.

Anonymous said...

Can this get any scarier? First that @#$#$@# dog attack, now an infection! My hugs, thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!
Your card is simply amazing! I am always awed when I come here.

stampersim said...

I hope your baby is feeling better soon. Scary for him, but doubly scary for a Mom. I wonder if originally the wound was cellulitis? I had a cellulitis infection from a wound, it got hot and red and had to be drained every day for 4 days (and 3 rounds of oral antibiotics). Ugh.

Your blog is the best! I instantly smile when I get email notification of an update. Thanks for sharing such great things with all of us !

Anonymous said...

...another fab card Cambria! Love the colurs & layout!
So sorry to hear about Baylor, hope he recovers real soon, both physically & mentally. This is the 2nd dog attack I have heard of in the last few days, scary stuff.
Been there mys;ef & it is NO joke.
Take care..your card is on it's way to you!
Sunshine xoxo

MJ said...

This is wonderful! Love the colors. Hope Baylor is feeling better.