Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Heart Day Workshop

I had a workshop on Saturday.... it was the highlight of my week. I have the best group of stampers. I've been having so much fun with Beate's Weekend Sketches, that I decided to challenge my group with one. Remember my Friendship Blooms
card? Well, that was the sketch. I made these items for prizes. The card is one of the projects we did along with a Nichole Criss Cross Box.

The box is one that I saw here on SCS and then tweaked a bit. I stamped the cello bag with the heart flower from the Happy Heart Day set with White Stazon.

This jar is an empty ice mocha drink bottle. It was the Godiva brand. You can't see it too well in the photo, but I used the big friend chocolate rub on directly on the bottle from the SAB Love and Happiness set that you can get next month for free. I also added some flower rub ons to the ribbon. I used my favorite Berry Bliss Designer paper and the new beads to decorate the lid.

I used Sticky Strip on the edge, then smooshed the lid into the beads... then added the rest by hand to the uncovered spots. The top of the lid is cut out with the 1 1/4 Circle Punch.

This was the card we made. We embossed the flower with copper embossing powder, then colored with aquapainter and classic ink. The pomegranate card stock is stamped with the new background stamp Stitched with Craft Pretty In Pink. Berry Bliss Designer paper along the bottom. The card is attached to the base of Close to Cocoa cut 4 1/4 x 41/4.

The other project (the criss cross box) I don't have photographed yet, but will post soon.

Here is the recipe for the card:

Stamps: One of a Kind, Stitched Background
Paper: Purely Pomegranate, Close to Cocoa, Shimmery White, Berry Bliss Designer Paper.
Ink: Purely Pomegranate, Pretty in Pink Classic and Craft, Basic Brown.
Other: Copper Embossing Powder, Aquapainter, Build a Brad, Crafter's Tool Kit, Pink Taffeta Ribbon, 1/2 Circle Punch.

Tutorial for the box can be found here.

On a personal note. Just as I thought we were passed all the dog trauma, my neighbor came up and screamed at me yesterday because I asked them to promise me to keep their dog completely contained at all times. They have decided to get her back. I also asked her to reimburse me for my out of pocket expenses or if there was an insurance company I could turn them into. It didn't matter what I said to calm her down, she was intent on screaming and cussing at me. I'm so sad. I'm worried about my son and she continues to add more distress to our family. I don't understand how they could be more concerned about their dog than my family and my children.

Last night we went to Walmart and Baylor held my hand in the parking lot. He said the cars and the dark made him have memories of the dog getting him. I just squeezed his hand tight and told him it will be okay. He is safe. He says he's fine, but he isn't acting like the same ole Baylor..... I thought maybe he was coming down with a bug. I know that it will take time, but I'm just amazed that this woman would add to it and have such little concern for my son.

Thanks for stopping by everyone! I have some posts for the rest of the week, but they'll be short. I'm working on swaps and spending as much time as I can with my kids. Again, thanks for your support and thoughts and prayers.

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Anonymous said...

You know, it never fails to amaze me how RUDE people can be! I'm so sorry your neighbor has to be that way! {{{HUGS}}}

Your samples are super cute BTW!! I love the Berry Bliss paper too!

Anonymous said...

Surely there is something your local animal control can do to this dog. Around here you have to keep your dog contained or on a leash. I am so sorry to hear about all of this. I would check into it a little further. And yes, her insurance company is responsible. You can even get pain and suffering money from it.

cyndi said...

is there a link for directions on how to make that box? it rocks and i would love to know how to make one!


Lesa said...

Your projects are absolutely stunning. I am afraid your neighbor is stunning too. (in a bad way) I am so sorry you are having to deal with all of this. I just wanted to send you some (((((((hugs))))))))

Linda Nicholson said...

Cambria, I just saw the post about your son getting attacked by a dog. I'm so happy that he is OK (I know he's really not OK, but hopefully you know what I mean). You should definately pursue going against her homeowners insurance (liability). Check with your homeowners insurance (I believe that they can file the claim for you through your insurance and subrogate against the other insurance company).

As far as the owner goes, she sounds like a waste of air. I ran into her twin sister I think at McDonalds about a month ago. Her son (5 years old) broke my sons (also 5) glasses by taking them off his face and stepping on them. When I went up to the mother to have her get her son to apologize, she cussed at me and called me every name in the book.

Cassie said...

{{{HUG}}} for Baylor! I can't believe that animal control is releasing the dog. I thought once a dog had attacked a human, they were euthanized. I hope that you can fight this not only for the safety of your kids but other kids in your neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

That woman is appalling! And I'm a dog owner- with kids! Once I had kids, my dogs took a back seat of course. I would feel absolutely mortified if one of my dogs did that to ANYBODY! It seems to me that because of the mortification, I'd do ANYTHING to make it up to the victim. Why isn't she like that? XOXOXO to you and your son. BTW, luvin' your posts, especially this last one! Glad you are back from having back problems. I'm the one that started the thread on SCS asking where you were! I am wishing you and Baylor the best, Cambria!

Anita Knits said...

Sorry to hear about your son and dog. I have to say I was the owner of a dog who bit a man, and after a visit from the police, we made the decision to have in muzzled when we were walking him, and not to leave him alone in the garden if there was any chance of him getting out. As you say your son is more important than a dog, but some people aren't like that. I think you need to talk to the authorities, in the UK sometimes dog has to be destroyed.

Silke Ledlow said...

Cambria, your projects are fun!!!

Pls do check with the Animal Control and do file paper work for a court hearing...the jude will decide what's gonna happen to the dog..this is how it works in GA....
She will also get find!!!

Your family should not have to suffer!!! Pls give Baylor a big hug from me...hope he'll be back to normal soon!!!

Libby Hickson said...

Oh Cambria, it just breaks my heart what you are going through. Your neighbor is unbelievable. It's not like you want to be at war with your neighbor, but her attitude is just so WRONG! Good luck to you - I sure hope something works out and you get through this ok. And Baylor!!

And as always, I LOVE your projects - they are just so yummy I want to eat them up! TFS!

Stamping Moments said...

What a cheek! Its the owners problem for not keeping the dog under control. How very Rude of her to confront you like that. Over here there have been 3 deaths by dogs one little girl was only 1 1/2yrs. Hope it all gets better for you.

Love all the goodies you have made at your workshop. Jenny xx

Anonymous said...

BIG HUGS TO YOU!! I think I would definitely contact your insurance company to see how to pursue your claim if needed. That way you can be prepared. Were the police contacted? I would file with them also. See if they can make some suggestions. Maybe these people and their dog have slipped through the cracks. They are probably paranoid because it may not be the first time... Bless your heart!! Hugs to your baby!! I enjoy your blog!! O;)

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked! You should double check this...I always thought that animals were put down once they bit a human.

As for the woman...try your best to put it behind you. She obviously does not want to shoulder the responsibility and so is trying to put it all back on you as if it is somehow your fault and your problem.

Meanwhile, she should be counting her lucky stars it wasn't worse!!!

The world is FULL of people like her and I've run into too many of them!

Love your blog...hope you find the stamping therapeutic!


Mary L.

Regina Cornelius regcorn@zoominternet.net said...

oh my!!! that lady has a lot of nerve!! if it were my daughter...i hate to admit...but i would probably see to it that dog gets some antifreeze to drink. did i say that out loud????

i love your projects by the way...wich i were at your workshop :)

pescbrico said...

Really lovely! :)

Rachel said...

Cambria~ I read your blog everyday and love your creations. Also was very sad to hear about your son. Speaking from my legal background, you really need to get an attorney. Your son could have medical needs that go way beyond what he is experiencing now and you will need some guidance regarding his rights for the future. Most will give an initial consultation for free. Please don't settle anything with insurance until you speak to a lawyer. As a mom of three boys I know how much this hurts you, and I pray that both of you continue to heal. Best of luck, R.

Alex said...

It really amazes me how insensitive your neighbor is - a child is WAY more important than a dog! I would definitely pursue the reimbursement and keep animal control on speed dial!!

On a brighter note, your projects are fabulous!! I love them and I am doing a class featuring this same stamp set. Can you tell me where you got the directions for that cute box?? I love it and would love to try one! Thanks Cambria!


Sunflower Stamper said...

Keep trying to find out their homeowners insurance carrier. The carrier needs to know that they have this dog and that the attack happened. And you are most definitely entitled to your expenses back.

Jennifer Meyer said...

Gorgeous card and projects Cambria. LOVE the jar with the beads!

I am sorry to hear about what your neighbors did to you, that is just awful! Please don't be sad, you are a great person with a BIG heart! It was also sad to hear about your little boy. When I was little, I had two St. Benards sit on me and to this day I am still scared of dogs.

I hope the dog situation gets better for you and your family!

Jennifer :)

Lorie said...

Your projects are absolutely amazing...as usual! Perhaps a neutral person to listen to your son would be a good idea. I'm so sorry this happened. I truly hope you all can move past it soon. Hugs to you all!

i {heart} papers said...

Good luck with your situation. I've been bit too but luckily it didn't scar me (mentally at least!) and I have my own dog now.

When things calm down I'd love that box template as well. I've searched high and low on SCS and can't find it!

Ros said...

Love the box! Can you share the template and how you tweaked it?

Lorabele said...

I love your blog, and your projects are amazing. You are so talented! Thanks for sharing what you do. You're such an inspiration!

As far as the dog, I'm stunned that someone would want to keep a dog that attacked children like that. That woman "ain't right in the head." My advice is to not engage with her any further. I would either deal with her through the mail or through an attorney, but I wouldn't let that nut job anywhere near me or my family. She's clearly unstable, and, like Dr. Phil says, you can't fix crazy.

Marilyn said...

I'm so sorry that you are discovering the indifference of some people - they are so focused on themselves that they just can't see the big picture - or they can see the big picture and just don't care. I'm glad you are spending more time with you family - just reassure Baylor alot and give him lots of hugs and kisses. Your workshop items are fabulouse, btw!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your son's dog attack. I was also bit as a child and am petrified of dogs to this day. (I'm 34.) It is much deeper than skin wounds.

Definitely look into making a claim against their homeowner's (that is of course if you don't want to sue). Last year, my sister's inlaws had a dog that broke free and bit a kid. The kid's family sued and won and the inlaws homeowner's threatened to drop them if they didn't get rid of the dog, so they did.

I would seriously think about some therapy for your little guy too.

Best wishes!!

Anonymous said...

Cambria -
I never really knew until now what had happened to your son. I'm so sorry and it makes me sad, too, that your neighbor is handling it so badly. It sounds like you might have to resort to reporting the incident to the appropriate authorities. I'm sure there is no community where animals are allowed to run loose.
I so enjoy your blog and you are so generous sharing your huge talent - it's a shame you are being treated this way.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you have such a rotten neighbor. We live in a neighborhood filled with dogs, and all the owners are great with them. Like everyone else has said, check with the police, animal services and a lawyer. Don't let her hurt your family anymore.

Love your creations! Thanks for keeping us up to date on everything.

Stacey said...

I LOVE your prizes!! Sure wish I could have come!! Well, but then I would have wanted ALL the prizes!! :) I LOVE visiting your blog. You do BEAUTIFUL work-BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! You have NO idea what a huge inspiration you are to me, and I'm SURE many others!!

I'm SO sorry to hear about your son and your neighbors reaction. I'll keep you ALL in my prayers and hope that she (the neighbor) can see things more clearly...er, well, clearly at all I guess.

Debbi T said...

Cams - ya know I'm willin' to kick some heinie for ya! You know it!

Just call me! ;)

Love you my friend....

rozie640 said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe the grief you are getting from the demented dog owner. Dogs are animals and even the good ones can have a bad day and do something out of their normal character. But this woman attacking you in front of your son is inexcuseable. As we all know, any reasonable,well adjusted adult would be trying to accomodate your son and family any way they could to make up for the horrible event. I think the dog owner's behavior is worse than the dogs.

I know if it were me, I'd want to pursue this to the highest degree I could to protect my family and get even with this evil woman. But that all takes a lot of time and negative energy and it ends up dragging the whole thing on and prolonging the bad experience.

To just ignore it would let that evil woman off to easy but she isn't going to change her attitude. I would talk to the animal control people and have a complaint filed against the animal and if you should ever see it out on it's own again, I would call them immediately. That would protect your family and others. I do know a lot of adults that have a fear or hatred of dogs because they were bitten as children, so you might want to look into some kind of dog/child therapy. Dogs are a wonderful, loving animal and all small children deserve a puppy.

Your Valentine gifts are fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

Wish I could have attended your workshop! Oh-my Gosh :) These are soooo cute! I'm glad you are sharing this great ideas before Valentine's day.. Gotta get my hands on some bottles! Love all your stuff! You are one talented lady!

Anonymous said...

I just love your blog!!!! Thanks for sharing the many cute ideas you have.

I was sad to read about what happened to your son with the dog. After reading all these posts, I hope that you will go after her in a legal form. Your son may have some more medical needs and why should you have to pay for them? If your son broke her window with a ball she sure would come after you to get it fixed. She shouldpay to have your son fixed (you know what I mean) :)
Be sure to document everythng she says and does to you or your family. This was if you should have to go to court you have all the dates and times and a good detail of what she said and did.
Good Luck with everything.

Elsa Limas

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

Cami, I LOVE all your ideas!!! I hope you don't mind if I CASE them all! LOL!! I am going to have to get a job just to buy all the sets that I want because of your fun ideas!!!

So sorry to hear about your neighbor. I don't mind people having pets, but I get ticked when they are more important than people, ESP kids!! I hope that you son is able to get past this soon. Thankfully kids bounce back quicker than adults, but the trauma is still there and that is sad, esp if he ever witness (es/ed) how your neighbor is acting.
Hugz to you all!

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

Cami, I LOVE all your ideas!!! I hope you don't mind if I CASE them all! LOL!! I am going to have to get a job just to buy all the sets that I want because of your fun ideas!!!

So sorry to hear about your neighbor. I don't mind people having pets, but I get ticked when they are more important than people, ESP kids!! I hope that you son is able to get past this soon. Thankfully kids bounce back quicker than adults, but the trauma is still there and that is sad, esp if he ever witness (es/ed) how your neighbor is acting.
Hugz to you all!

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

I'm so sorry to hear you and your family are going through so much. What a horrible neighbour!! On a positive note, your project is gorgeous, but then again, so is all your work.

Whimsey said...

People are so amazing, are they not? Our neighbor, a grown woman with a son in college, used to come to our house IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, ring the doorbell, knock and then run back to her house. She was complaining about our hunting dogs. You WOULD NEVER believe what all we did - we ultimately installed an outdoor camera, caught her in action and called the police. She woke our kids up and scared the crap out of them - multiple times. I'm prayin' for you friend!!! Hang tough! {{{big hugs}}}

Bev Gerard said...

Cami ... you never cease to amaze me with the wonderful creations you continuously bring forth!!!!

(((((((hugggggssssssss)))))) , sweet friend! ~Tex

Anonymous said...

OMG..........I can't believe they even gave her a choice to bring that dog back home!!! Especially if this is not the first problem with this dog! Sorry you have such a terrible neighbor! Her homeowners ins should cover your expenses!

Your projects are all awesomne..........and GORGEOUS!!
That berry bliss is just the yummiest dp!

Anonymous said...

OMW...neighbors! neighbors! neighbors! Just keep squeezing his hand tight (& big hugs) and reassuring his safety:)

About your creations missy...wish I was at that workshop. Totally amazing. What an inspiration you are.

Have a great day!

Jeannie said...

I think the samples are fantastic -- so coordinated! TFS! Jeanne

Beth said...

When it gets dark and the kids are in bed( they don't need to see this) ;) send your hubby out to pee on bushes or anything that is between your property and theirs. Animals hate the smell of human urine! My friend in PA did this to keep the neighbor dogs out of jer yard. As far as I know it worked!

and i agree about filing with animal control. No one should have to put up with that nonsense.

Lydia Fiedler said...

What?? Are you kidding me? That dog should not be back - I am shocked! And my heart just goes out to little Baylor... People can just be so hard to understand. Hang in there and keep trying to get that dog removed. Big hug. Thanks for everything you share with us.


Kelly said...

Beautiful projects! I love them all!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful projects Cambria!

I'm sorry to hear about your neighbour. I pray that the situation gets better for you.